At Kathy Birk we make it easy for you to recruit experienced older workers – simply register here on the site, then you can review the profiles of people who are actively seeking work.

Kathy Birk is the future of work

We believe that the future of work includes flexibility for both workers and employers, so you’ll see that many of our members have kept their options open in terms of the nature of the work they do – from contracting to part-time, remote or project based.

No cost except your time to browse

We recognise that the cost of using agencies and recruitment sites can be a burden on businesses, so we have taken an innovative approach that means as an employer, you don’t pay anything to view potential recruits here on the site and get in touch with likely candidates.

We expect that in return you will respect the privacy of our members, and use the messaging we have built into the site for this purpose.


How much does the service cost my business?

The wonderful news is that Kathy Birk is completely free for employers to use. All you need to do is register with us!

What kind of staff can I find through Kathy Birk?

Our members come from a wide range of industry sectors, and are looking for many different types of employment, from casual work to full time, project, contract or temping.

What's the catch?

There is no catch! We believe that making it super easy for employers to use the site and contact the talent you need makes the site a valuable resource for jobseekers. Win-win.

How does Kathy Birk make money?

We believe that employers want motivated workers, and so our model is simple. Jobseekers pay a small monthly or annual fee to have their profiles here on the site. They are motivated to work and keen to be put in touch with employers who value experience and maturity.