Who is Kathy Birk?

We are. You are.

Let’s face it: job hunting is no fun. What’s more, ageism in the recruitment process means that it can become even harder for people over the age of 50. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Kathy Birk represents the future of work – where older workers are valued for their experience, flexibility and work ethic. We are committed to fighting ageism in all its forms, and to give mature workers a fair shot at securing employment.

Of course, although we are primarily here for those over the age of 50, our doors are open to jobseekers of any age.

(P.S. In case you were wondering about the name – its inspired by cockney rhyming slang. Kathy Birk = work.)

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About us

Photo of Bruce McPhail

Bruce McPhail


After working for himself for a number of years, Bruce decided to get back into the workforce. With a long background in Law, he expected to find work easily - but the reality was quite different.

After to talking to friends with similar experiences, he uncovered that the common factor was ageism in the recruitment process.

Bruce started Kathy Birk to level the playing field for older workers.

Photo of James Richardson

James Richardson

Community Manager

A qualified Engineer with a strong entrepreneurial streak; James joined Bruce in 2016 to bring the KathyBirk vision to life. James is responsible for the technical aspects of the business, and managing the growing community of KathyBirk workers.

"New Zealand's growing demographic of people aged 50+ is currently under-served and under-appreciated. Proactive employers are beginning to utilise this immense talent pool to their competitive advantage."

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